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Homemade Bagels

Homemade Bagel – I’d always put making my own bagels in the too hard box, but they’re no harder than making your own bread.

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Homemade burger buns & hotdog bun rolls

I’d never thought about making them and to be honest if it wasn’t for lockdown and the faff of queuing I probably won’t have. I scoured the internet and there’s lots of different ones involving eggs and milk. For mine I simply upped the oil content which created a lovely light texture. This recipe makes […]

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Homemade garlic naan

Every time I cook a curry I normally just buy naan from the supermarket. I make my own pizza, my own bread, yet it doesn’t normally cross my mind to make naan. So one week I gave it a go, bastardising several recipes based on what I had and I’ve never looked back. They’re simple […]

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Egg and cheese bagels

A late lunch…. really fancied something filling after a long walk and these really hit the spot. They are basically a thin omelette folded over cheese to make a parcel. I used some nice cheddar, but you could use any strong cheese you like or slices of cheese. I made these using homemade onion bagels, […]

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Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia

Soft bread oozing with garlicky oil, a hit of salt and fragrant rosemary. This focaccia is dead easy to make as and tastes amazing. The actual prep will also take less time than driving to the supermarket to buy some ready made garlic bread. Finally it looks brilliant served on the table next to a […]