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Honeycomb, pistachio and sea salt chocolate goodness

Crunchy honeycomb and pistachios all wrapped in chocolate, with hits of sea salt. One thing I can’t resist is dark chocolate and sea salt… your taste buds are just getting into the sweetness and then a sea salt crystal pops in your mouth. It’s so simple to make: You make the things you can melt […]

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Peanut Butter, Banana and Cocoa Vegan Flapjack Bars

Sticky gooey fulfilling homemade vegan cycling snacks I run, I cycle and I snack. This means I normally have a bar of some description in my back or pocket, whether it’s for me or to provide sustenance on a family outing. My problem is I don’t like buying processed products if I can avoid it. […]

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Chocolate and Cinnamon Folds

If you fancy a change to Cinnamon Buns or just love chocolate and cinnamon you should give a Chocolate and Cinnamon Fold a try. They use the same dough mix, you just need to half the filling recipe. They tear apart and ooze chocolatey cinnamon goodness everywhere. You can make the dough on day or […]

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Homemade Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark, it looks amazing and is so simple to make. Either for a quick treat or if you are looking for something fun and easy to make with your kids, you definitely need to try this out. Everything about it is beautiful, melting the chocolate, feathering the chocolate and sprinkling the topping. The hardest […]

Chocolate Desserts Mousses Recipes

Chocolate Mousses

Chocolate mousses are really easy to make, only need 2 ingredients and about 15 minutes of your time