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Homemade Chicken Shawarma

Theses charred tender chicken morsels, marinaded in a multitude of spices, are one of the favourite meals in my house.

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Garlic Roast Chicken

I didn’t want to make your usual roast, but also with such a good bird I didn’t want to go crazy with flavours. In the end I went for some old favourites – garlic, fresh herbs and citrus.

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Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork has always been my go to choice from a Cantonese Takeaway. Just the thought of it brings back many fond memories of childhood family takeout feasts. Also in my late teens getting off the bus 4 stops early to get an egg fried rice with sweet and sour on […]

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Potato Hash with eggs

Potato Hash is a whole mix of crispy, sweet, spice, roasted and caramelised on your fork. The textures and flavours nicely contrast each other and every mouthful is different. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, red pepper and onion all coated in paprika and oregano roasted in the oven and then topped with an egg or two. All […]

Chicken Dinner Meat Recipes

Lazy Two Tray Chicken Dinner

This is a perfect lazy Sunday roast dinner. Garlicky chicken, crisp roast potatoes, roasted vegetables in a tomato sauce with a basil salsa verde. It goes in the oven and apart from having to go back to put a few things in the oven it just takes care of itself. Everyone loves roast dinners, but […]

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Oven baked Chicken & Aubergine Chilli

This is and easy no hassle chilli. Chicken and Aubergine Chilli makes a great change from a beef chilli. Also there are loads of vegetables in there, stealing all the glory. I know this goes against most other recipes and traditionalist will say that chillis should be made in a pot. However don’t knock it […]

Chicken Dinner Meat Recipes

Garlic chicken and potato tray bake

Garlic chicken and potatoes all in a tray.. this is my ideal midweek meal. It’s simple, really tasty and allows me to get out the house/home office and get a bit of exercise in the evening sun. Prep, jump on my bike (or you could run, chill, whatever you want to) come back 30 minutes […]

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Pulled Pork

You need 8 hours cooking time, but apart from that this recipe is really simple and takes about 5 minutes to prepare and then another 5 minutes to pulled it apart. Apart from that you’ll just spend all day with your kitchen smelling wonderful and everyone salivating over dinner. Then pork will easily serve a […]

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Oven Baked Paprika Chicken

This is and easy no hassle chicken dish. Roasted chicken leg with a oven baked tomato sauce that goes all sweet and gooey. This delightful dish was magicked up due to plain poor food planning. That and the need to cook around family activities. Serves 4 Ingredients 4 chicken legs 1 onions 2 peppers, 1 […]

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Sausage, pepper and potato bake

Sausage, pepper and potato bake or SCBs as we call it (Sausage, Chips and Beans). The ultimate in easy comfort food. It’s normally a Friday night meal, but who knows what day it is at the minute! It’s a great through it all in the pan meal, it takes 5-10 minutes of prep and then […]