Avocado Tips & Prep Vegetables

How to prepare an Avocado

Many people ask how to prepare an avocado – this is a really simple method that works every time.

Avocado prep

Avocados are amazing, but if they are not ripe or over ripe they’re horrible.

You need to pre plan if you want to have Avocados as part of your meal. As even “ripe and ready” avocados are often not ripe enough I tend to always have at least a couple in the kitchen.

The simple way to test them is to give them a squeeze. They should be soft, like between your finger and thumb.

Preparing an avocado is pretty simple – you’ll need a sharp knife, spoon and fork

  1. Take the knife and cut around the avocado lengthways, then carefully give it a slight twist to split it.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop out the stone.
  3. Then slide the spoon between the skin and the flesh and scoop out the flesh.
  4. Pile up the flesh and mash with a fork.

Finally if you are not eating immediately you will need to had some acid to stop it browning. A squeeze of lemon or lime mix through will do it. Or add a splash of orange juice.

Now you’ve prepared your avocado you can:

  • Serve it with your chilli
  • Add to a sandwich
  • Add to your burger.