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Garlic Roast Chicken

I didn’t want to make your usual roast, but also with such a good bird I didn’t want to go crazy with flavours. In the end I went for some old favourites – garlic, fresh herbs and citrus.

Bakes cookies Recipes

Oaty spiced cookies

Oaty spiced cookies, just the smell makes you feel hungry. Cinnamon and ginger hangs in the air and the bite of the oats almost convinces you they are healthy. I’m well and truly bored with lockdown, but one of the benefits is that I can’t rush around, going places. This means I’ve managed to find […]

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Slow cooked chicken and chorizo soup

This slow cooked soup is just what you need on a cold winters day. Spicy chorizo, melt in the mouth chicken surrounded with strands of peppers and onion. The sauce has the zing of paprika, tomatoes and the sweetness from orange juice and cinnamon. All those great warming flavours topped with creamy feta and spring […]

bagels Breads Recipes

Homemade Bagels

Homemade Bagel – I’d always put making my own bagels in the too hard box, but they’re no harder than making your own bread.

Bowls Chicken Dinner Recipes

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork has always been my go to choice from a Cantonese Takeaway. Just the thought of it brings back many fond memories of childhood family takeout feasts. Also in my late teens getting off the bus 4 stops early to get an egg fried rice with sweet and sour on […]

Breakfast Pancakes & Waffles Recipes

Sunday Morning Waffles – easy waffle recipe

This easy waffle recipe produces wonderful crisp and delicate waffles. No pre-planning needed these waffles are simplicity themselves, as easy as making a pancake. I fluctuate between having them with Chocolate Spread and Black Currant Jam. I tried and failed at making yeast based waffles are nearly put my waffle maker away for good. Then […]

Bakes Breakfast Desserts Recipes

Cinnamon Buns

Who doesn’t love a Cinnamon Bun, the combination of cinnamon and cardamom fills your kitchen with a gorgeous sweet spice, just while you’re making the dough. Though I love buying a CiniBun on the high street and the joy of opening your paper bag and the sweet scent enticing you to rip it open. They […]

Bakes Breakfast Brunch Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate and Cinnamon Folds

If you fancy a change to Cinnamon Buns or just love chocolate and cinnamon you should give a Chocolate and Cinnamon Fold a try. They use the same dough mix, you just need to half the filling recipe. They tear apart and ooze chocolatey cinnamon goodness everywhere. You can make the dough on day or […]

Chocolate Christmas Gifts Recipes

Homemade Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark, it looks amazing and is so simple to make. Either for a quick treat or if you are looking for something fun and easy to make with your kids, you definitely need to try this out. Everything about it is beautiful, melting the chocolate, feathering the chocolate and sprinkling the topping. The hardest […]

Eggs Recipes

Baked eggs

I used to make Shakshucka every other week, as a mid week meal. Sweet oven baked sauce and runny eggs served with tiny roast potatoes was the perfect mid winter comfort dish. I’d nearly forgotten about baked eggs until on trip to London we came across Princi on Wardour st, just off Oxford St. It […]