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Bacon and Bean Stew (aka Bacon Chilli)

Bacon chilli is quick to make, cheap and tastes amazing. Kids love it and it’s a great alternative to beef chilli.

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School night noodles

A really quick noodle dish, that kids will love. As long as you have the base ingredients you can add whichever veg your kids prefer. I love making this dish when I’ve picked the kids up from school, it’s so quick you can chat and prep at the same time. It’ll take about 10 mins […]

Chocolate Desserts Mousses Recipes

Chocolate Mousses

Chocolate mousses are really easy to make, only need 2 ingredients and about 15 minutes of your time

Tips & Prep

Pots and Pans

Though I’ve had my fair share of coffee machines, steamers and ice cream makers along the way, they just never got used enough. Taking up vital worktop space, particularly in some of the flats we rented in London. This is a run down of the kit I have I’m my kitchen, it’s all tried and […]

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Perfect rice

Fool proof rice every time. Rice, water, leave to cook and serve.

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Bacon Lettuce and Tomato and Avocado

Nothing beats a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, apart from a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato and Avocado sandwich. Your BLT becomes a BLTA, BLAT or BALT and enters the world of amazing. There are also a couple of tricks get it there. The bacon needs to be streaky and the bread malted, sourdough or similar. […]

Burgers Friday night Fries Recipes

Cheese Burgers with Herby Fries

Cheese Burgers and Fries on a Friday night. Work and school are done for the week and what better way to celebrate than sitting down with family and/or friends for Cheese Burger and fries. Wash it down with a beer, ginger beer or juice and your weekend’s ready to start. After years of tinkering my […]

Avocado Tips & Prep Vegetables

How to prepare an Avocado

Many people ask how to prepare an avocado – this is a really simple method that works every time. Avocados are amazing, but if they are not ripe or over ripe they’re horrible. You need to pre plan if you want to have Avocados as part of your meal. As even “ripe and ready” avocados […]

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Children’s Ski Clothing Guide – how to keep the costs down.

Children’s ski clothing, where do you start. You’ve survived the shock of paying for your accommodation and flights and now you’ve got to kit out the kids. Firstly you don’t need to pay premium prices. You can also use most of the clothing throughout the winter for outside adventures or just going to school. The […]

Notes to the slopes skiing podcast Tunes & Sounds

5 Great Podcasts every skier should listen to

Decent podcasts for skiers are in short supply. If you are struggling to find skiing podcasts or skiing related podcasts read this article. As a skier I’ve struggled to find skiing podcasts or at least skiing related podcasts. With fruitless searches often end up with me listening to and hour and a half of poorly […]