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5 Great Podcasts every skier should listen to

Decent podcasts for skiers are in short supply. If you are struggling to find skiing podcasts or skiing related podcasts read this article.

As a skier I’ve struggled to find skiing podcasts or at least skiing related podcasts. With fruitless searches often end up with me listening to and hour and a half of poorly edited uninspiring chat.

Below I have listed some of my favourite skiing podcasts and ski/mountain podcasts; highlighting specific episodes.

Dirtbag Diaries

This is one of my favourite podcasts. It is produced by Duct Tape then Beer and features stories that are written and read by the adventurers themselves. Each episode normally ranges between 20 and 40 minutes in length and are perfect for your commute or journeys anywhere. The stories could be about a specific adventure, challenge or a fight back from injury.

Recent specific Skiing Podcasts are:

The Forward

Regardless what you think about Lance Armstrong, this is a great podcast. Everyone has done something they are not proud of and this is a brilliant example of changing your life direction and trying something new. Lance is a fantastic interviewer and though his cycling career is never normally discussed when it is he does so with humility.

This is not a specific Skiing Podcast and Lance interviews a wide range of people including athletes, businessmen and musicians.

Skiing wise his interview with Bode Miller is one of the best pro skier interviews I’ve heard.

All of the Forward interviews are worth listening to, but a couple of relevant highlights are:

Next Level Skiing

Sponsored by Wagner Skis, a custom ski manufacturer from Telluride. Not only are they worth following on Instagram,@wagnerskis, but they also have a great podcast with each episode focused on improving your skiing. Interviewing everyone from pros to boot fitters they look for learning points everyone can use.

On episode I found particularly interesting was with Tom Hackett, former ski patroller and now the US Ski Team Orthopedic Surgeon.


This podcast was released back in 2016/17 and is perfect for those of us that grew up watching Plake, Stump and Hattrup chuck themselves down couloirs in Blizzard of Ahhs. In the podcast Mike Powell interviews industry greats, discussing the lives and how they became a professional.

Particular nostalgic favourites of mine are:

The Powell Movement

This is the current podcast from Mike Powell. Now on season 3 he takes time to interview key members of the ski industry. Interviews include: