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Baked eggs

I used to make Shakshucka every other week, as a mid week meal. Sweet oven baked sauce and runny eggs served with tiny roast potatoes was the perfect mid winter comfort dish. I’d nearly forgotten about baked eggs until on trip to London we came across Princi on Wardour st, just off Oxford St. It […]

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Potato Hash with eggs

Potato Hash is a whole mix of crispy, sweet, spice, roasted and caramelised on your fork. The textures and flavours nicely contrast each other and every mouthful is different. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, red pepper and onion all coated in paprika and oregano roasted in the oven and then topped with an egg or two. All […]

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Egg and cheese bagels

A late lunch…. really fancied something filling after a long walk and these really hit the spot. They are basically a thin omelette folded over cheese to make a parcel. I used some nice cheddar, but you could use any strong cheese you like or slices of cheese. I made these using homemade onion bagels, […]