Tips & Prep

Pots and Pans

Though I’ve had my fair share of coffee machines, steamers and ice cream makers along the way, they just never got used enough. Taking up vital worktop space, particularly in some of the flats we rented in London.

This is a run down of the kit I have I’m my kitchen, it’s all tried and tested and gets used daily, if not at least once a month.

Pots and Pans

The essentials that I can’t cook without and use to make most meals are:

– A Chefs knife
– Large wooden chopping board
– A pot
– A pan
– A wooden spoon

The rest of the list makes cooking and life a bit easier.

I first got some Analon pans and knives about thirteen years ago and for price and quality I haven’t looked back. Most of them are still going and I’ve only had to replace the chef’s knife, stock pan and frying pan, but I use them daily.


All my knives are either Sabatier or Analon. It’s worth paying extra for a good knife, it will last you for ages. And more importantly they are a joy to use.

– Chefs knife
– Bread knife
– Fillet knife
– Vegetable knife
– Peeler
– Sharpening steel

Pots and pans

The more pans the better, but I think these four are the essentials. All of the non stick and if the frying pan is oven proof even better.

I use my stock pot for most of my cooking.
– Stock pot
– Frying pan
– Large saucepan
– Small saucepan

My optional extras
– Pancake pan
– Griddle pan
– Waffle pan


  • Lots of wooden spoons
  • Fish slice
  • Balloon whisk (rubberised)
  • Potato masher


  • Two glass bowls
  • Large plastic bowl
  • Sieve

Baking trays

  • Large Roasting tray
  • 2 smaller square trays
  • Lasagna dish or casserole dish


  • Hand whisk
  • Scales
  • Mixer
  • Panini maker


  • Wooden block
  • Wooden board
  • Raw meat
  • Cooked meat

Other essentials

  • Aeropress – I must have coffee
  • Coffee grinder
  • Radio
  • Speaker – UE Boom
  • Pestle and mortar
  • heat proof mats
  • Apron
  • Oven gloves